Thanks to a very generous donation by Gables parent Connie Papavasiliou, we were able to meet our GiveMiamiDay fundraising goal of $10,000!
Ms. Papavasiliou's donation was made in the name of her daughter Chloe Konstas (Class of 2024) and her son Michael Hammond (Class of 2014).

Thank you to everyone whose donation helped us reach this goal.

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All funds raised will go to the PTSA project of refurbishing the student courtyard.

Florida PTSA

When you join the Coral Gables Senior High PTSA, you join millions of others who care about issues that affect youth.  Membership is open to anyone concerned with the education, health and welfare of children and youth.

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Click Here: How to buy your school uniform. Video created by CavsConnect

Now, more than ever:
Stand for a stronger Miami
Even before COVID-19:
More than half of Miami-Dade households were living in, or on the edge of poverty. One in seven seniors chose between rent, food or medication. 20% of children went to bed hungry in Miami-Dade. Donate Here

Why Coral Gables Senior High PTSA?

The Coral Gables Senior High (CGSH) PTSA is a proud team of volunteers, who cares deeply about the 3,000+ CGSH student body.  We value our teachers, staff, and administration.  Our goal is to help ensure CGSH continues to provide the very best educational opportunities for all students.

Students, Teachers and community leaders hosted a panel discussion, Why Gables High? Check it out:  Watch Video Here

♥ Read great article about Coral Gables PTSA.

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2021 Gables High PTSA is awarded the Green Apple Schools designation. 

Miami Herald, Linda Robertson: The yellow school bus is going green as Miami-Dade starts transition to an electric fleet. Gables High PTSA attends School Board meeting to support the change. 

Essay Contest: How has COVID-19 impacted you? 
On Friday, January 15th, the three winners of the COVID Essay Contest were announced. Congratulations to  The winners are Samantha CorreaKaileigh Guin and Leah Ullman. By participating in this contest, these and other Gables students added their voice to an initiative that is documenting this historical moment.
Congratulations to these winners and thank you to all the Gables students who shared their experiences of this defining moment in our community's history.

Read Miami Herald: Notice the little things rather than the big picture’ —students reflect on COVID’s impact

“Now after nine months of quarantine, I am more confident than I have ever been in my life and continue to work out and get stronger every day,” Christy Concepcion, a softball player at Coral Gables High.


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Coral Gables Senior High PTSA (CGSHPTSA) is a member of the Florida PTA.  The Florida PTA is the largest statewide volunteer organization working exclusively on behalf of children and youth.

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When you join the CGSHPTSA, you join millions of others who care about issues that affect youth.  Membership is open to anyone concerned with the education, health, and welfare of children and youth.

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